Quoted: LoHud Journal News: Hussein is not a Slur

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Hussein Rashid, a Harvard University doctoral student who is from New York, joked that he should take Obama as his middle name.

“I’m old enough to have been through both Gulf wars, growing up with the name Hussein,” he said. “If people are saying ‘Barack Hussein Obama,’ it takes it away from Saddam Hussein. And you know what, overall it’s a positive thing.

“People did mean it as a slur, but we saw after the election that most of this country didn’t see it that way,” he said. “At least my name is not associated with this horrible Iraqi dictator but with our new president- elect.”

Quoted: New Jersey Jewish News: Progressive Faith BlogCon

Progressive Faith Blog Con

Hussein Rashid, a Queens-born Shiite Muslim with a blog called islamicate.com, said that if the talk turns to the Middle East, he would fall back on the experience he had coexisting with a college roommate “who was incredibly pro-Israel. We argued and we fought, but at the end of the day we realized it was a political dispute, and we agreed to disagree.”

Rashid considers himself “a voice of Islam’s silent majority.” A doctoral candidate at Harvard University’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Rashid said the conference “will allow us to talk across traditions. That is the wonderful thing about this.”