June 4, 2009
CNN Newshour with Kyra Phillps
Reactions to Pres. Obama’s Cairo Speech

May 7, 2009
The Daily Dish
American Muslims And Torture

April 22, 2009
Why No Muslim Response to Torture?

March 12, 2009
Change the Story
A Response to Fareed Zakaria

January 25, 2009
Is Political Islam a Threat to the West?

January 24, 2009
Is Political Islam a Threat to the West?

Feb. 2, 2009 (from Sept. 25, 2008)

Highlights from a panel I was on in Sept. 2008 on “Muslims in the Media,” part of a series called “The Cost of War.” The full audio of the panel is available on this page.

Jan. 8, 2009

UN Press Conference

Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow

Nov. 8, 2008

The Journal News (New York)

Hussein is not a Slur

Sep. 11, 2008

Russia Today (New York)

Being Muslim in New York

Jul. 17, 2008

Shariah TV (UK)

Muslims and the 2008 Presidential Election

May 30, 2008


Swiftboating Obama: Renowned Muslim Scholar Couldn’t Publish Apostasy Response

May 2008

Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Young Muslim Leaders in Cairo

Sept. 30, 2007

CBS Evening News

Talking about the intersection of religion and politics.

Oct. 25, 2006

Oxford University Press Blog

Ingrid Mattson named Head of ISNA

Aug. 13, 2006

State of Belief – Air America Radio

Progressive Faith Blog Con

July 2006

New Jersey Jewish News

Progressive Faith Blog Con