NYC Event: Out of the Shadows of 9/11 — Sept. 6

You are invited to Out of the Shadows of 9/11: Millennials, Moral Vision and the Global Groundswell. Join Auburn Tuesday, September 6, 2011 from 7-9pm EST at the Jerome L.Greene Performance Space at WNYC. Or watch the event on your computer and join the Groundswell! Tune into the Auburn Web site to watch this compelling program that will give voice to a rising movement, and inform the roles that faith and morality bear in movement building – not only this fall, in next year’s election cycle, but through this coming decade. Join us September 6th and learn more by clicking here.


The Jack and Lewis Rudin Lecture Series

Out of the Shadows of 9/11: Millennials, Moral Vision, and the Global Groundswell
Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Valarie Kaur, Director of Groundswell and award-winning filmmaker (Divided We Fall, 2008)
Ari Wallach, Co-founder, The Great Schlep and social innovation expert
Beth Zemsky, Organizational consultant and social change strategy expert
Hussein Rashid, Professor of Religion at Hofstra University and Associate Editor at Religion Dispatches

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space at WNYC

44 Charlton Street (at Varick)

New York, NY 10014

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This event will be live streamed at on Tuesday, September 6.

The Lectures are underwritten by the May and Samuel L. Rudin Family Foundation.

Groundswell is an initiative of Auburn Seminary.

Religious Leader: Hussein Rashid | auburn

I’m proud to be featured as one of Auburn’s Religious Leaders. I share the stage with my friend Wajahat Ali this week. His video, linked from my page below, is a must watch as well.

Religious Leader: Hussein Rashid | auburn.

Hussein Rashid is just one of the powerful voices of faith who is joining the Groundswell of support for the 10th Anniversary of September 11th and will be a featured speaker at the September 6th, 7pm event Out of the Shadows of 9/11: Millennials, Moral Vision and the Global Groundswell. Join Auburn for this Groundswell event on September 6th, 7pm EST. For more information on Auburn Seminary and The Jack and Lewis Rudin Lectures click here.  To send your Ribbon of Hope for 9/11/11 click here

Quoted: SCRP on Tweeting the Qur’an

How we observe Ramadan in an always-on society | Multi-American.

It was the tradition of Muhammad to read the entire Quran by the end of Ramadan. Today, some people use Twitter during Ramadan to tweet their favorite messages from the Islamic holy book. Hussein Rashid teaches Islamic Studies at Virginia Theological Seminary. A recent story in USA Today noted that in 2009, Rashid started using the #Quran hashtag on Twitter asking Muslims to tweet their favorite verses from the Quran. He expects there to be more posts this year.

My name is islamoyankee | My Name Is Me

A short piece I wrote at the prompting of The Velveteen Rabbi.

My name is islamoyankee | My Name Is Me.

Online I am islamoyankee. I didn’t name my blog, islamicate, after myself, but after an idea. The idea is that Muslims are not Islam, and that they are people who are engaged in creating culture. Some of that culture is religiously defined, and some of it not. It is culture that is constructed with non-Muslims as well. I don’t use my name real name in talking about these ideas, because I want a name that also engages with them. I built a virtual identity blogging, on YouTube, on Twitter, and on Flickr to engage with this basic principle.

Who is Ali (as), the universal hero of Islam? – City of Brass

My Ramadan Musings at City of Brass

Who is Ali (as), the universal hero of Islam? – City of Brass.

As we begin the first night of Ramadan, I think of the first promise we made to God. We bear witness that God is our Lord (7:172). From God’s desire to lead us, he left us nubuwwah and then Imamah. To be the mu’min, the one with faith, means following the guidance of the Qur’an, the Prophet, and the Imams. To me, that ethical message, particularly of service, rings the loudest. This Ramadan is a chance for me to dedicate myself to that vision as articulated by Imam Ali, and carried forward by his descendants.

Quoted altmuslimah: Ramadan: Ramadan on Twitter- A Cyber Celebration

altmuslimah – Ramadan: Ramadan on Twitter- A Cyber Celebration.

Another interesting aspect to the concept “Ramadan on Twitter” is an effort being made by many to tweet the Quran throughout the month. AltMuslimah is also involved in this pursuit, and our tweets can be found on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, with the hashtag #TTQ. We are joining our colleagues such as Hussein Rashid, who began tweeting the Quran in 2009, after seeing Rabbis tweet the Torah.