The delicate politics of school holidays (COMMENTARY) – Religion News Service

The delicate politics of school holidays (COMMENTARY) – Religion News Service.

Changing school calendars is a politically difficult maneuver because it makes statements about community identity. Our initial school calendar was determined by a mix of agricultural schedules and dominant religious thought. The result: summers off to work the land, and the end of December off to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Despite changing economies and demographics, we hold on to this system because it tells a story of who we are as a nation.

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Consuming Qawwali: Hollywood and Muslim Devotionals


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Where Am I From?: Bullying, The Immigrant Muslim Experience, and Moral Injury

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The Islamophobia Of Media Analysis In ‘Lone Wolf’ Shootings

The Islamophobia Of Media Analysis In ‘Lone Wolf’ Shootings.

The recent attacks on military and law enforcement personnel in Canada and the U.S. raises the specter of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks, making Muslims suspect. Such thinking is superficial and reactionary. In the age of modern Islamophobia, it is a situation of owning a hammer and thinking everything is a nail. Looking at so-called “lone wolf” attacks in more detail and in a larger context reveals disconcerting issues in mental health care and media representations of Islam.