Event: Building Community through Film

Join Shoulder to Shoulder on Wednesday, September 20th at 2pmET for a 90-minute conversationabout the power of film as a tool to support community healing, process experiences of violence, and engage new communities in the important ongoing work of building a pluralistic and inclusive country. This conversation will feature Pardeep S. Kaleka co-director of Not in Our Town, Aber Kawas, a community organizer featured in An Act of Worship, and Dr. Hussein Rashid a professor and scholar of religion specializing in Muslims and American Popular Culture. This conversation will equip community leaders with a new and growing list of films and resources they can use in their community conversations and engagement as we explore how films can help change hearts, minds, and actions.

Please register here.

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Chapter on Ihsan in Pillars Fund Khayal

I’m honored to have contributed a chapter on “Ihsan: Aesthetic Ethics,” in the digital book Khayal, sponsored by the Pillars Fund. From their description:

In January 2020, we assembled a group of brilliant Muslim poets, writers, activists, scholars, historians, and artists to develop a roadmap for telling authentic Muslim stories. And for more than three years, these MNC Fellows were vital thought partners, helping us build our Culture Change program from the ground up. 

To honor their contributions to Pillars, we’ve assembled “Khayál: A Multimedia Collection by Muslim Creatives,” a publication co-authored by the brilliant minds of the MNC Fellows.

Visit the link below to page through this digital, multimedia collection and learn about the creative inhale with Zaheer Ali, examine Malcolm X’s letters with Maytha Alhassen, dive into philosophy with Hussein Rashid, explore Su’ad Abdul Khabeer‘s memories of ’90s Brooklyn, go behind the scenes of Omar Offendum’s hip-hopera Little Syria, and experience Asad Ali Jafri’s comic from the future.

We hope this collection inspires you as much as it inspired us.

Cover by Alaa Musa

The full archive can be downloaded from here.

New York City’s religious diversity bucks stereotypes

“You can’t go more than a block without finding a house of worship in New York City, an actively used house of worship,” said Hussein Rashid, a scholar of religion with The New School and Union Theological Seminary.

While accurate and up-to-date data on the state of religious identity in the five boroughs is hard to find, Rashid and other scholars say the city is as spiritually diverse as it’s ever been, even as religious affiliation is declining here in step with the rest of the country.

Source: New York City’s religious diversity bucks stereotypes

Can the World’s Religions Help Save Us from Ecological Peril?

Can the World’s Religions Help Save Us from Ecological Peril?

Visotzky brought in theologian Hussein Rashid ’96CC, who was exploring similar questions from a Muslim ethical standpoint. The scholars, who had spun off from a larger interfaith study group at Fordham Law School, decided to examine the issue of water as a way to focus their work, and for World Water Day 2017 they published a series of tracts around water-related themes. That got them invited to the Vatican to meet with the pope about Laudato si’.

“For me, reading the encyclical made me think of an eighth-century figure named Ja‘far al-Ṣādiq,” says Rashid, who teaches at the New School and UTS. “There’s a work attributed to him where he says for a believer there are four relationships that keep you in balance: to God, to yourself, to other people, and to the rest of creation. My understanding of what Pope Francis was doing really resonated with that.”

Video: Critical Conversations: Exploring the Shi’i tradition: Understanding the Continuity of Imamate

ITREB USA presents Critical Conversations: “Exploring the Shi’i tradition: Understanding the Continuity of Imamate”, where we explore the vision of the Imams’ guidance across the centuries on ethic of the spirit of inquiry and compassion, and sharing. This Critical Conversation features Dr. Hussein Rashid and is moderated by Dr. Naaila Hudani.

Event: Religion, Race, and Urban Space in NYC – Museum of the City of New York

1 December 2022, 6:30PM EST


Curator Azra Dawood talks with Nathaniel Deutsch, Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada, and Hussein Rashid, three leading scholars of religion in New York City, about the intersections of the public and private, the political, secular and sacred.

This program accompanies our new exhibition, City of Faith:Religion, Activism and Urban Space (opening 11/18).

Poster for event Religion, Race, and Urban Space in NYC at the Museum of the City of New York. Poster includes four portrait photos of speakers and details on date and location of event.
Poster for event at Museum of the City of New York on religion and race.