Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) welcomes Dr. Hussein Rashid to campus this week as the Center for Anglican Communion Studies’ (CACS) Visiting Muslim Scholar. During his eight week stay at the Seminary, Rashid will teach a course entitled, “Not so Common Stories: Prophets in the Qur’an and the Bible.”

“Dr. Rashid’s enthusiasm for interreligious engagement, vast experience, and engaging demeanor will make him extremely popular with our students,” said the Rev. Robin Razzino, interreligious officer for CACS. “Having a scholar with his background will allow VTS to continue to offer students opportunities to be in conversation with others who can help inform their ministries.”

Virginia Seminary Welcomes Muslim Scholar Hussein Rashid

Thanks to the Luce Grant, we are delighted to welcome to the campus Dr. Hussein Rashid. With a PhD from Harvard University, he describes himself as a ‘proud Muslim and native New Yorker’. He has his own ‘in between’ ministry for he teaches at both Hofstra University and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. With a range of fascinating interests from the impact of 9/11 on Muslim adolescents to emerging Muslim-American musics, he is a cutting edge scholar with an international reputation.

Dean’s Message