Event: Aug. 10-12, 2012 -People of the [Comic] Book at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center (800) 398-2630

I won’t be there in person, but expect to be Skyping in and submitting pre-recorded comments.
People of the [Comic] Book at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center (800) 398-2630.

WHAM! BAM! DISHOOM! MUSLIMS AND AMERICANESS IN GRAPHIC NOVELS Hussein will trace the religious imagery embedded in American graphic novels and how this coded language served to normalize religious minorities in American consciousness. There will be a discussion of vectors of Muslim involvement in graphic novels and how they are building on these traditions to integrate into American society.


Event: July 16, Washington, DC: All-American Book Event

FREE culture show featuring amazing D.C. artists celebrating the release of the anthology “All American: 45 Men on Being Muslim” and Willow Wilson’s novel “Alif”


– Stand up Comedy by Preacher Moss

– Musical Stylings of Michelle Struck

– A Conversation with novelist Willow Wilson and Wajahat Ali

– Comedy by Raad Mismaar

– Poetry by Samer Badawi

– An original song by Shahed Amanullah (yes, we’re not kidding)

– An original poem by Ibrahim Abdul Matin

– “Ask a Muslim Dude” panel featuring contributors from the anthology “All-American: 45 Men on Being Muslim”

Book signings after the performance!

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