In “The Promise,” A Reminder That U.S. Apathy to Genocide Endures | Religion Dispatches

In “The Promise,” A Reminder That U.S. Apathy to Genocide Endures | Religion Dispatches.

Collectively, we are comfortable condemning the mistakes of the past, but never learning from them. As we turn Syrian refugees away, advocates for human decency pointed out that today’s refugee crisis had echoes to the Jewish refugee crisis of the early 20th century. Critics responded that the situation was different: those were Jews and these are not; that was in the 20th century and this is the 21st century. We note every difference to avoid taking action, and always condemn the mistakes of the past in the same way, because they are the same mistakes.

We Must Learn from the Armenian Genocide – Truman Doctrine Blog – Medium

We Must Learn from the Armenian Genocide – Truman Doctrine Blog – Medium.

Yet, as we see, the disease is not cancer, but autoimmune. The desire to create a nation-state causes the population to turn against itself, resulting in a body that is weakened and must collapse because of the lack of healthy, diverse cells. Armenians are part of the Turkish nation and present in every strata of society. However, because they are ethnically distinct, they are targeted by the Ottomans, who hold no claim to greatness at the end of World War I. The Ottomans inflict the powerlessness they feel onto a minority population within their own borders.

New Co-Authored Article: We Are All Children of the Atom

Mizan Project: We are All Children of the Atom

The recent launch of the new comic series X-Men Gold has generated international controversy over religious and political images included by its artist, Ardian Syaf.

These images stand in striking contrast to the diversity that Marvel Comics has recently come to energetically espouse. The company has released a statement that explains their being unaware of the symbolism in the book as it was originally published, and declared its plans to discipline Syaf and remove the offending imagery from future reprints of the comic. We do not believe that this incident should detract from Marvel’s commitment to diversity; rather, it should compel Marvel to aim for more than just diversity, and push more fully to realize an ethic of pluralism instead.

The Muslim Protagonist 2017

The Muslim Protagonist 2017.

To be Muslim in America is to either be invisibilized, or Otherized. To be Muslim in America is to be pushed into the margins, racialized, and Orientalized. How then can we, as Muslims, choose to write ourselves onto the pages of modern memory? Join us as Hussein Rashid, Bushra Rehman, Shannon Chakraborty, and Melody Moezzi delve into the challenges that come with centering the margin and the Muslim protagonist.